Bar Glassware

Collins / Highball Glass

This is the most common glass at bars. It is used to make many mixed drinks.

Size: 8 oz to 12 oz

Martini Glass

This is the classic V-shaped stemmed glass for chilled drinks, meaning no ice. This glass is commonly known as a "Cocktail Glass." Always chill the glass before use.

Size: 6 oz to 12 oz

Brandy Snifter

This glass is used for brandy or cognac. They have a short stem so you can place your middle and ring finger. This allows your hand to warm the brandy or cognac while holding it.

Size: 5 oz to 25 oz

Champagne Flute

These are tall glasses. The flute shape helps preserve the carbonation of the champagne and it also shows off the bubbles of the champagne.

Always chill the glass before use.

Size: 6 oz to 10 oz

Cordial Glass

t is a very small stemmed glass used to serve small amounts of liquor.

Size: 1 oz to 4 oz

Hurricane Glass

This glass is shaped like a hurricane lamp. It is used for many tropical and exotic mixed drinks, like those yummy blended drinks  Piña Colada and a Chi-Chi.

Size: 15 oz to 23 1/2 oz

Irish Coffee Mug

This glass has a shot stem and a handle. It is used for many hot drinks.

Size: 8 oz to 10 oz

Margarita Glass

This glass is primarily used for Margaritas and Daiquiris.

Size: 7 oz to 12 oz

Old Fashioned Glass

This glass is used for drinks when people request "on the rocks" (over ice) or with a "splash" (another liquid). Also called a "Rocks Glass."

Size: 5 oz to 6 oz

Pilsner Glass

This is a tall flute shaped glass with no stem. Commonly used for beer.

Size: 10 oz to 16 oz


This is a large spout container used to serve or refill several glasses. Many bars used them to serve beer and large parties who are having mixed drinks

Size: 30 oz to 60 oz

Punch Bowl

This is a large container where you scoop/ladle out the contents often used for punches.
It is used primarily for parties, unless you find yourself very thirsty with time on your hands.

Shot Glass

This is a small and thick glass. It is used for many shots and as a measuring tool for mixing drinks

Size: 1 oz to 4 oz

Wine Glass

There are two kinds of wine glasses (Red Wine Glass and White Wine Glass). The red wine glass has a wider bowl to allow the wine to breathe.
To keep the temperature of the wine from changing, always hold it by the stem.

Size: 8 oz to 10 oz

Pure Liquor