Citizen Cane

A delicious recipe for Citizen Cane, with Appleton Estate® V/X Jamaican rum, Dubonnet® Rouge vermouth, caramel liqueur, passion-fruit puree, sugar cane juice, Fee Brothers® peach bitters and overproof rum. Also lists similar drink

1 oz Appleton Estate® V/X Jamaican rum
3/4 oz Dubonnet® Rouge vermouth
1/2 oz caramel liqueur
1 oz passion-fruit puree
2 oz sugar cane juice
3 dashes Fee Brothers® peach bitters
1/2 oz overproof rum

First take slices of pear and place them on a saucer, pour on raw sugar, douse in the overproof rum, and light. When caramelised this will become the drink garnish.

Pour the rest of the ingredients into a shaker, shake hard and fast and strain over crushed ice into a highball glass. Serve.

Serve in:
Highball Glass

Nutritional info:

Pure Liquor